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Leather is never out of fashion


It is an unwritten rule to have at least one leather jacket in your wardrobe. Leather is a must-have piece and must occupy a permanent space in your closet. Leather is versatile, it can be casual, classy and formal especially if you experiment with style. Pair it with a white plain t-shirt or a maxi dress,or go casual with denim pants and an even more stylish pair of  boots and you can totally pull off that head turning winter outfit. If that is not enough to keep you warm, throw in a hoodie or a jumper and top it off with a leather jacket. The styling combination is endless as leather jackets can totally go well with almost anything- choose from, vegan leather oversized trench coat, cropped faux leather puffer jacket, the timeless black or the plain vegan leather. You can never go wrong with a leather jacket.

Accessorising is a must

Accessories can totally define your personal style. It can set you apart when it comes to taste and preference. It may sound like a cliché but it is always in the details. A scarf, beanie, hat or a round buckle belt, may be less noticeable but when combined with a good winter outfit and fancy and fashionable accessories, your look will definitely set you apart from the rest. If you are gunning for that elegant and stylish look, you should totally invest and get a variety of accessories to match your daily winter outfit. Accessories can do the magic and can leave a lasting impression.


Look totally super with jumpers

“ I don’t own a jumper. “ says no one ever. One probably owns at least a couple of jumpers. It is a staple clothing but it need not be a boring one. Nowadays, oversized jumpers are seen everywhere. Gone are the days of jumpers as a post-workout layer. 2022 is even hailed as the year of jumpers, it has become so ubiquitous that one can wear it anywhere. What’s great about jumpers? Well apart from keeping you cosy and cute, it definitely matches with almost everything. Pairing it with classic sweatpants, leg lounge pant, ripped jeans or denim is a great way to look cute. You need not be plain when going for a typical jumper, it can also come with a variety of styles and designs. From collared to cropped, the classic crew neck, and even zip-up options, it will surely be on repeat.