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Spring is all about bright and vibrant colours and one of the biggest trends for this season is pink. From fuchsia to pastel, it's all about being pretty in pink — which means statement-making bright hues for all women.

Pretty in Pink

Pink mini dress

Pink is a bold colour so there are a few tips to wearing pink well, without looking overdone. Whatever the shade of pink, whether it is bright fuchsia pink or pale sateen, let the colour do the talking and keep accessories to a minimum. You want eyes to be drawn to the dress and not to be distracted by too many accessories.

Pink is a universally flattering colour if you find the right shade. It is also warmer and more classically enchanting than plain beige or white. And now that Spring is at its peak,it is time to wear those beautiful pastel ensembles.

Wearing pink can be a challenge to some, but don’t fret, the key is to keep it simple and use it as an accent colour or just go full on pink. And remember, fashion isn’t as much fun without breaking a few rules, so don’t be limited to wearing spring pink just this season, go and indulge in this wonderful hue at any occasion. 

A Pink Dress is a Statement

Fuschia Midi Dress

The easiest way to make a statement this spring is with a pink dress. With such a bold and bright colour, you can keep your accessories simple. A neutral pair of sandals, or nice leather heels, will do the trick. If you want to go bold, you can always wear statement shoes with your hot-pink dress. You can wear pink dresses to date night, Sunday brunch, Easter, weddings, bridal and baby showers, an afternoon at an art museum, parties, girls’ night out, and even running errands.

Why not a Pink Top?

Hot pink top

A hot pink top is a general term that includes blouses, button up shirts, crop tops and tank tops. You will be amazed by how a simple top like that can make you look so attractive. Not only that, it is something that is very easy to style and to pull off. Not so sure a pink dress is for you? Try a top. Believe it or not, pink is surprisingly a versatile colour. It looks great with denim, white, black, navy, grey and even red. If you go for a solid top, you can try wearing it with patterned bottoms.

Accessories that Goes well with Pink

Pink dress with clutch

A beautiful handbag can make or break an outfit and with pink, anything goes. Because pink is such a bold, superior colour, keep the dress as the focal point and accessorise with colours that will complement the dress but not draw the eye away from it. A stylish clutch bag is ideal for any occasion and the colour depends on the event – carry a simple clutch in a neutral block colour that goes well with your jewellery, so if you are wearing gold jewellery, go for a bag with similar hues. For a rock-glam look, grab a studded black clutch that will doll the dress up and go perfectly with black and silver earrings.