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Do you know what’s trending lately in social media? Parachute pants. Prominent Tiktok influencers can’t get enough of this baggy pants from the 90’s made famous by the rapper MC Hammer in the music video- U can’t Touch This. It has generated over 1 billion views worldwide and is also one of the highest searches on Google Trends.


But first, what are Parachute Pants?


Chances are you have probably seen parachute pants worn by celebrities and top fashion social media influencers. What’s obvious in parachute pants? It’s definitely baggy and somehow structured like the old-fashioned utilitarian style of cargo pants. It is called parachute pants because of its elastic drawstring fit at the waist and ankle ( like a literal parachute!) .

urban sport parachute pants


Say goodbye to skinny jeans


Athleisure is really making waves lately and the newest addition to their ranks are these baggy pants that are mostly made of nylon-like material. Suffice to say, we are bidding skinny jeans farewell as parachute pants re-emerge in the streetwear scene.

Urban sports parachute pants white


So how do you style parachute pants?


The baggier, the better. Parachute pants can be both dressed up or down, it’s all up to your mood or whatever fits the occasion. Parachute pants are less intimidating and very practical to wear but don’t be fooled, it has this je ne sais quoi appeal into it that will make you look chic in this definitive statement piece.


If you want to go for the grunge look, pair your low-waist parachute pants with a form-fitting graphic tee. If you are out on a sunny day, go simple with a neutral-colored tube top. But since it is a bit breezy outside nowadays, your parachute pants will also match with a puffer jacket.


Urban Sport Puffer jacket


While most stylists and celebrities wear the parachute pants low-waist, the adjustable drawstring on the waist also means you can wear it high-waist if that’s more of your preference and style.


Going uber casual is also a prominent choice when it comes to styling your parachute pants. You can also pair your trousers with a loose t-shirt and probably a pair of Air Jordans and finish the look by accessorising it with a necklace and a cross-body sling bag.


Parachute pants come in various silhouettes, some can be extremely baggy, some are relaxed and more structured. You can definitely choose the style that suits you, the possibilities are endless.