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Loungewear has become a work-from-home go-to during the pandemic. Comfortable, casual, and versatile, these pieces are fabulous for busy, low-maintenance living; inside and out of the house. The effortless transition from at-home chic to running errands or going for walks makes them irresistible wardrobe staples - and you’ll never run out of options with the UrbanSport collection.

More than just style staples, these pieces can also make a big impact on your training this winter. Find out what to shop for, and how to use them to reach your fitness goals, no matter the weather.

1. Don’t let cold weather get you off track

Training takes dedication and consistency. The best athletes do it, no matter what. If you’re committed to reaching your fitness goals, you’ll find a way to steel yourself against the cold and get out there to do what you love doing most. Sometimes, all it takes is the right gear and you’re ready to hit the streets. 

If you go for activewear that’s built to be comfortable and protective, you’ll soon forget about the conditions and get into the zone. Think water resistance, moisture wicking, and insulating warmth that’s still breathable. The flood of endorphins at the end is your greatest reward. 

In other words, high-quality gear helps you reach that all-important flow state, where peak performance happens. We’re fans of getting into that state, which is why our designs are built for maximum comfort and style - fashion is always on our mind.

2. Purpose-made hoodies and lounge pants keep you healthy and strong

Regulating your temperature with specialised fabrics, every UrbanSport piece helps you maximise your performance, while keeping your body in the best possible condition during cold and flu season.

The extremities and "tips" of the body always lose heat first. That means extra emphasis needs to be put on the head, hand and feet - all of which can be covered up while you’re running, hiking, or playing your favourite game.

Hoodies are perfect for taking care of the upper half of the body. About 80% of all heat loss goes through the head - and rain never helps. Our hoodies keep the heat loss to a minimum, while keeping light showers from ruining your hair. They’re perfect for casual walks to light hikes in the Australian country-side - and anything else in between.

We recommend the Marley Zip Front Hoodie for seasonal transitions, or those days when you just don’t know what the sky has in store for you. Three shades are available, so you can pick your colour of choice - or opt for all three, once you feel how cosy they are!

As for the lower body, try our Nia Wide Leg Lounge Pant, with or without thermals underneath. It comes in a lovely orange and is perfect against grey winter skies.

3. Get more done

Let’s face it, working from home sounds idyllic - but the truth is, you’re probably working harder than ever. Between meetings, appointments, and daily exercise, the last thing you need is to worry about what you’re wearing when out and about.

Fashion-forward loungewear saves you time, and is comfortable to boot. You could be sitting at your desk during a meeting with a cosy pair of lounge pants on, meet the postman at the door in one of our hoodies, or hit the gym in the exact same outfit that you’re been wearing around the house all day. Effortless, easy, and perfect for the post-pandemic lifestyle.

Feel free to explore our collection of loungewear and create your own looks. With a fresh range coming out each season - always at affordable prices - staying fit, healthy, and stylish this winter is easier than never.